change management and leadership

I have developed and facilitated a number of leadership, managerial skills, and strategy sessions. Included in strategy and values sessions were game-based learning, which I conceived and developed.

Fun with a purpose

One of the more creative ways to have an entire set of disparate eyebanks in India, Nepal, and Ethiopia work towards a common goal was to gamify a strategy session. Participants were put into groups and needed to make decisions that would impact the number of transplants a facility would be able to leverage. Not only was the game engaging, but the debrief demonstrated that eye banks quickly realized that they needed to collaborate, not compete, in order to reach the overall goal.

bookclubs and cohorts

Professional cohorts - whether gathering as part of a new manager group, or because of a professional interest in a deeper dive on a topic - are a relatively low cost investment by the business in its people. That is why I avoid "one and done" type of training sessions, and look to build community by establishing and growing cohort groups.

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