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Employee Development

Elearning can provide staff with just in time performance support, or a safe environment in which to practice skills.

What I’ve Done

Workplace violence

Workplace Violence.PNG

This short interaction helps employees identify and mitigate sources of violence in the workplace.

Elearning design elements include free navigation, drag and drop and a meter that provides feedback on "dangerous" decision making. 


The Road to Your Own Professional Development.JPG

The objective for this module was to both inspire staff to take control of their own professional development, but to also have them structure a plan by which they do so.

Elearning design elements include gamification elements, drag and drop, and hover and reveal.

The content in this module is proprietary and thus is not shareable. 

skills vs knowledge

Mad Skillz.PNG

This module was developed for SMEs who were taking on the role of trainer. We wanted them to practice identifying and designing their training sessions that employed skills transfer, rather than knowledge transfer. This gamified module allows them to practice this decision making, and to get feedback on their choices.

Elearning design elements include gamification. 

presentation developent

Presentation Design.JPG

What are the best practices in developing a presentation? How can you structure a presentation that engages and provides listeners with actionable takeaways? This module provides new trainers and SMEs with practice in identifying and employing these strategies. 

Elearning design elements include click and reveal, plus scenario-based decision making. 

This module contains proprietary content and thus is not shareable. 

Dress for success

Dress for Success.JPG

This interaction, part of a larger one on professionalism in a hospital setting, is intended for new organ donation staff working in hospitals in the developing world. In it, staff play with determining what is considered  "just right" for their role. 

Elearning elements for this interaction includes sliders. 

Jobsite safety

Jobsite Safety.JPG

This course was developed as a proof of concept for jobsite safety. Through a set of various scenarios, the superintendent on the job must keep himself and others safe throughout the interaction. Feedback is given both on the choices made during the interaction, and in the "Job Site Accidents" counter board. 

Elearning design elements include scenario-based decision making. 

This module contains some proprietary content and thus is not shareable. 

virtual sop

Sample Virtual SOP Snip.PNG

Need a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)? Why not turn it into a useful job aid by adding easy "jump right to it" navigation, and interactive elements such as tutorial videos and clickable photos or illustrations? 

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