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Practice and/or job aids are provided as "just in time" learning resources for people to be able to ramp up on technical processes.

What I’ve Done

developer resources

Developer Resources.JPG

This job aid was built for new developers to explore and identify all the resources available to them as members of the organization. 

Elearning design elements include click and reveal and links to additional information. Note that I designed the module; the build was done by a contractor. 

The content in this module is proprietary and thus is not shareable.

Low Energy Basics

Low Energy Basics.png

A series of five Elearning modules are under development, aimed at software or hardware developers who are working with the technology for the very first time. Note that for this series, I am the designer; my direct report is the builder.

The design allows the learner to practice using the technology, or to first read about it, then practice. Elearning elements include free navigation, scenario-based activities, and feedback.

This module contains proprietary content and this is not shareable. 

Process start guide

Japanese Bluetooth Start Guide.JPG

As part of a major tool release, an interactive start guide was built to provide both context and change management for members onboarding to a new user interface. Each start guide was built in four languages (English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese) and also contained tutorial videos of the tool interface. 

Elearning elements include free navigation, tab interactions, and drag and drop.

The content in these tutorials is proprietary; a stripped out version of the interaction has been provided for demonstration.  

Specification Timeline


How can a member help to further the technology? What are the states and stages of standards development. This virtual job aid allows members and staff to explore the specification development process, and identify where and how they can get involved. Note that I was the designer of this module; a contractor did the build.

The content in this module is proprietary and this is not shareable. 

Technical Lab pre-requisites


In order to have attendees ready their compiler workspace prior to a learning lab, I created this proof of concept course. It uses job aids, video tutorials, and javascript triggers to ensure that a participant is ready for an upcoming lab. Note that registration is not completed until proof of readiness has been established.

Medical Abbreviations

Medical Glossary.JPG

This job aid is for organ donation counselors to quickly look up medical terms. It was optimized for delivery on a smartphone. 

Elearning design elements mobile-ready sizing and design (simple user interface).

Medical Charts

omar worried.png

This scenario-based module allows new hires to practice reading medical charts, and identifying when they should be asking for additional information.

Elearning design elements include scenario-based decision making, and a pop-up navigation menu. 

This module contains proprietary content and thus is not shareable. 

New Nurse Orientation

New Nurse Orientation.JPG

All nursing and nursing support staff play a role in the organ donation process. This persona-based module provides decison-making and feedback to a hospital worker in identifying and fulfilling thier legally described role in the process. 

Elearning design elements include a choice of avatars, based on role, scenario-based decision making and feedback, and practice in clinical steps to preserve the body for donation.

Much of the module contains proprietary content and thus is not shareable. However, a stripped down portion of clinical practice is provded for demonstration. 

Organ donation
red flags

petri screen grab.PNG

This module is a job aid for new hires to use when determining if a potential donor is contraindicated or not. 

Elearning design elements include free navigation, resource tabs, and  printable pocket resource card.

This module contains some proprietary content and thus is not shareable. 

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