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Leadership and Management Development

Helping to support skills of geographically-dispersed leaders and managers? Elearning can provide a scaleable solution, and/or job aids that can be accessed at any time.

What I’ve Done

Leadership 101

Leadership 101.JPG

What are the characteristics of leadership styles? What is your natural inclination, and where might you round out your leadership skills? This scenario-based interaction allows the leader to determine the type(s) of leadership styles with which they are most natuarlly comfortable, and to practice using other approaches. It also provides them with feedback in ways they can extend the learning, such as 1:1 coaching, and developing a community of leaders.

Elearning design elements include branching scenarios. 

The content in this module is prorietary and thus is not shareable.

the many faces of stress

Stress in The Workplace.JPG

The objective for this module is to identify the many ways that stress appears in our staff, and provide both additional resources and practice in mitigating it.

Elearning elements include free navigation, and a resources tab for additional information.


Approach Scenario.jpg

A set of modules was developed for managers coaching staff to approach grieving family members in a hospital setting. These modules provided scenarios in which the counselor could make or break an organ donation, based on his or her correct reading of the situation, and responses to a family members. The manager/coach/ then reflected on how to best manage the situation, and when doing field observations, had a rubric for how it is best handled. This allows the manager to practice scoring interactions, which is what they will be doing in the field. 

Elearning design elements include a virtual coach that the manager can click to use throughout the interaction, and resources, such as an observation rubric, that they can apply when viewing and scoring the interaction.

The content in this module is proprietary and thus is not shareable. 

choose a consultant

Select The Best Consultant for the Project.JPG

Who is the right consultant to hire for the the job? This gamified module allows newer managers or those hiring a consultant for the first time to determine the skills and abilities required of the project, and then select the best candidate for the job. 

Elearning design elements include free navigation and the opportunity to both build, then download a job aid. 

This module contains some prorietary content and thus is not shareable. 

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