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Travel and cultural norms

Elearning modules can be an effective and scaleable way to introduce travel tips and to discuss cultural norms.

What I’ve Done

introduction to india

Food Safety

This module was built for US -based staff to familiarize themselves with some of the unique (and wonderful) aspects of traveling to India. Topics included practice selecting business-appropriate clothing, food safety when traveling, and identifying key differences in eye bank operations between the US and India.

Elearning design elements included drag and drop interactions, and scenario-based decision making. 

Some content in this module is prorpietary and thus is not shareable. However, launch a demo to experience making safe choices when dining. 


Negotiating Different Cultural Norms.JPG

Doing business and builting relationships in another country means that both the nuanced and the apparent must be identified. This interactive video provides a taste of both to the viewer.

Elearning elements include interactive video.

A generic version of this module (stripped of proprietary content) is available for demo. 

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