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Random Thoughts, Haphazardly Updated

April Fools!

Is that a perfect day to start a blog, or what?

I hesitated in adding a blog to my portfolio website, since there are so many L&D folks out there who are doing it, probably waaaaaay better than I ever could. [Insert shout out right here to Cammy Bean, Connie Malamed, and Cathy Moore.] But then I recently took a trip through the Orlando airport, and saw something I wanted to share. From that, I thought, "Hey, maybe a few of my random musings might be interesting to someone other than my dog," - who I can assure you is fascinated by my every word.

So here goes - my blog. My thoughts - and they will be random - will not be posted with any regularity. But if I happen to see something that my fellow L&D-er might find interesting, I will include it here.


My doglet can barely contain her excitement...

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