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Hey all you Instructional Designers out there.... Yeah, I am talking to you!

Having gone through a hiring season, I have been alternatively outraged or amused when I have seen applications by IDs to join my team. Why? Because there have been so many avoidable missteps out there that I wonder what y'all are thinking?

One thing that I require right off the bat after I have done a paper screen is to see your portfolio or at least some work samples. I am often surprised that only about 60% of you have anything ready to show. And of that 60%, 4 out of 5 are sharing proprietary content. Spoiler alert: you don't get hired.

sSo, that means I am on a tear. I just recently published an article in TD Magazine entitled "How to Not Get Hired" (behind a paywall, sorry peeps) and will be doing a lot more speaking on this in my area, and hoefully, nationally.

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