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What's Your EQ?

There has been a bit of virtual ink spilled recently on LinkedIn and in the media centering "the future of work" and "what skills are needed to future-proof your workforce" and how AI is going to change everything in the workplace anyway ...

If you believe the less breathy, click-baity materials - such as the "Future of Jobs Report" by the World Economic Forum - one of the most important things that employees can do right now is to adopt a culture or mindset of lifelong learning. Buckle up and keep your hands inside the ride folks, because times are a'changing.

Oh and one of the top ten skills needed in the workforce of the future? You guessed it - emotional intelligence. At my organization, the number one request from managers of people is for help in developing their EQ skills. To that end I facilitate monthly workshops, brown bags, and book clubs to support our growth in this area.

What are you doing to build your EQ muscles?

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