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Thank you notes

We are still in the thick of the holiday season here in the US, and so my thoughts inveitably turn to the thank you notes that these types of seasons require.

On my desk before I left for the holiday break was this card. In it was a handwritten thank you note from the Executive Director of the organization, thanking me for work achieved in 2019, and looking ahead to 2020.

This was not just some generic wishes scrawled into a card. Rather, this unassuming bit of wood pulp also included specific achievements or initiatives that the ED noticed about my work in 2019. Things that I had no idea he had seen or noticed.

Then I happened to take a walk around the office (because, holiday cookies!) and noticed that every single desk had a handwritten thank you note on it, from our ED.

To those of you in leadership: never underestimate the power of a heartfelt and handwritten note.

To those of you who are individual contributors: ditto.

Happy Holidays and have a thankful 2020.

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