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eLearning That Gives eLearning a Bad Name

Bad training exists across all modalities. Here's an example activity from an eLearning information security course that I recently came across.

What's so terrible about it? Let me count the ways...

  1. The activity has NOTHING to do with the context in which people must work. Who does a word search in their job?

  2. The activity also has nothing to do with learning a new behavior unless if you count searching for words as a new behavior.

  3. The activity asks you to guess the answers, rather than to synthesize ideas and apply.

  4. The design is terrible – you click on the first and last letters to make a selection of a word, and it doesn’t even work. There is no feedback on selections and you don’t know what answers you have given and are still to complete.

  5. The timer gives a false sense of urgency – indeed, what is urgent about a word search? Plus it resets each time you exceed. Why set a timer to begin with?

And these are the reasons that I think this is terrible just off the top of my head. What Instructional Designer thought this was a good idea? Design like this just makes all of our jobs that much more difficult.

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