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Shameless Self Promotion

It's not enough to build training experiences - sometimes you need to market them with a quick little video! 

Because some of the content or images used in these promotional videos are proprietary, I am only able to share a limited subset. 

What I’ve Done

Learning Solutions 2018 Promo

This is a sneak peek at a session that I have given at L&D conferences. Its intent is to promote the session, and get people excited about attending.

Video Thank You

In order for SMEs to get excited about and continue on in a curriculum building project, I built a short video thank you note for surgeons. (This was built for a former employer, and thus is proprietary although a thank you in of itself is not. A screenshot is provided for look and feel.)

PK curriculum.PNG


Instead of telling eye bank managers about a soon to be rolled out data management sytem, we showed them. (Content in this video is proprietary, so this screenshot is provided as informational only)

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