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From the basics on common CRM or Employee Portal systems, to training people on the use of cutting edge technology testing tools, I have built tutorial videos and job aids to enable a learner to get up to speed, quickly.

What I’ve Done

testing tool

Tutorial Videos.JPG

As part of a major tool release, I architected a series of 25 tutorial videos for use by internal staff and external members.

Each tutorial is less than two minutes in duration, and are captioned in four languages.

The content in these tutorials is proprietary and thus is not shareable. 

tissue tracking system


Tissue and organ donation processes require a lot of data tracking, and the complex systems developed for a US-based regulatory environment do not often translate to a global context. To that end, a data management system for external partners was developed and the time to competency on it was handled by the training department. 

This module was one of a number of job aid developed to provide performance support to those learning a new system. 

The content in these tutorials is proprietary and thus is not shareable. 

manager portal

HR Portal for Managers.JPG

This module provides a sandbox in which managers can safely practice the processes of the employee performance reporting and management, such as raises and bonuses, performance improvement planning, and terminations.

Elearning design was structured in a way that the manager could either try to perform the process on thier own, or first watch s screencast. Either path enabled feedback to the manager as they moved through it. 

The content in this module is proprietary and thus is not shareable. 

employee portal

HR Portal for Employees.JPG

As a new employee, how do you set up your payment plan, view your accumulated vacation time, or request a sick day?  This segmented tutorial video provides a job aid for staff. 

Elearning design elements mini-tutorials (30 seconds or less) and free navigation so that the staff member can quickly navigate to the required area of assistance. 

This tutorial contains proprietary content and thus is not shareable. 

LMS Tour

LMS Portal Features and Functions.JPG

When your Learning Management System (LMS) undergoes a radical shift in its user interface, how do you manage the change for staff used to a different experience? You provide everyone with a tutorial, but one that masquerades as a travel video. 

The content in ths module is proprietary and thus is not shareable. 

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