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Elearning Heroes Challenges

The challenges posed to the Articulate Elearning Heroes community has allowed me to stretch my course authoring skills (slider and dial interactions, Javascript, etc) to add into my professional toolkit. Plus, they are a whole lot of fun!

NOTE: Many of these were developed quickly as proof of concepts so some demos are more functional than others. 

What I’ve Done



This interaction, and interactive tour of the locations in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice became an exploration of aa progress meter. After a location was visited, a simulated selfie in the current day locale was evidence of progress. Additionally, I drew all the graphics for this module myself, purposely making them look hand-drawn. 

Barista Challenge

Become a Barista.jpg

This module is a good example of how I like to throw learners into the deep end of the pool. Instead of a boring instruction video (or other type tutorial), a would-be barrista plays with sliders to get the proportions of coffee, milk, and foam just right. Feedback comes in the form of a happy customer (or not). A slide out resource job aid was provided for people to consult, if needed.

This challenge had to account for something like 60 different combinations, so the use of variables was key! 

Brains 101

Zombie Nutrition.PNG

For a Halloween challenge, I incorporated some public health information for the discerning zombie. 

With this exercise, I learned to modify a stock character, turning his skin green, eyes bloodshot, and adding a few open sores. 


Star Wars Carousel.JPG

In this module, I re-created a picture carousel interaction. With each turn of the carousel, the highlighted character is described via text, and "speaks" to the viewer.


Zombie First Person.JPG

This is an abbreviated first person style interaction, where the user must quickly decide where to run to avoid a horde of zombies. It features an onscreen  countdown timer (delay, and the zombies will get you!) and branching scenarios.

The Grammar Games

Grammar Game.JPG

Styled as a "Hunger Games" immediate elimination experience, this module helped me to figure out ways to continously loop an animation. In it, I also explored a different way to deliver a progress bar.


Interactive Map.JPG

I used this challenge on creating an interactive map to explore the use of audio clips in a hover state (rather than needing to click to launch an interaction.)

Two lies and a truth

Two Lies and a Truth.PNG

This is a fun little re-working of Two Truths and One Lie. I used it to try out some basic animation skills (the door opens and the pool of light in the room grows.) 

From an instructional standpoint, the module requires immediate application of knowledge and provides feedback. 

The Vacationator


This interaction enables someone to create a fake vacation photo by selecting the background, then adding props. It then enabled the user to print out the "photo."

Mostly, this was another exploration of the use of some basic Javascript in order to  print out the results. 

Wookie Translator

Wookie Translator.JPG

Type in your phrase, then use the tool to translate the text into Wookie. click to listen to pronunciation.

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