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Train the Trainer

So many blended train the trainer experiences built and deployed! Some of them have included soft skills, technical, and best practices in teaching for non-teachers.


There are a number of brilliant eye surgeons out in the world; unfortunately not all are as comfortable in the classroom as they are in the operating room. 

This train the trainer series was aimed at improving the instructional skills of surgeons who were to teach/coach others in skills development coursework. This blended series contained videos and elearning modules introducing concepts of adult learning, and was followed up by real time webinars, coaching and teaching de-brief sessions. 

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As part of an L&D team, we developed a series of lesson plans to be used by managers with their staff in weekly meetings or quarterly events. Like a cookbook, this resource provides managers with team development resources in different sizes and flavors (small plates, entrees, desserts) which the user can assemble to create a quick Professional Development "snack" or a whole meal. Where the blended learning came in was weekly webinars in best practices in facilitation, along with role-playing and virtual brown bag sessions where managers were de-briefing amongst themselves on WhatsApp.

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In order to grow and scale a program, I developed a series of "train-the-teacher" tutorials aimed at increasing proficency and adoption of a mathematics curricula. These videos were paired with either webinar-based or in-person Q&A and best practices de-briefs.

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