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This stretch project was begun as part of the xAPI cohort run by Torrance Learning. In it, I am trying to learn how to write and send xAPI statements to a Learning Record System (LRS). 

If you are not familiar with xAPI, think of it as SCORM tracking, on steroids. Interactions within the learning module can be programmed to send data to the LRS. By sifting the data, we can tell a whole lot more about the learning experience, such as indvidual page views, resources used, actions taken on a page. It's exciting...and daunting too, since there are no standards yet in what constitutes an xAPI statement (thus interoperability/portability of data from one LRS to another and the exchange of data is yet to be standardized.

In any event, it's an exciting development in eLearning, which has relied on the blunt instrument of SCORM reporting, consisting as it does of either course completions defined by numbers of slides viewed, or by an artificial knowledge check inserted into the module.

As of now, I have the LRS set up. The next step is to write the statements and start sending the data. Stay tuned! 

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