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Mary 5.0

When I was about 6 years old, I wanted to be a ballerina when I grew up. After that, a teacher. After that, a scientist. After get the picture.

Recently I have been approached by two women who are thinking about a career pivot. One of them comes to corporate L&D in much the same way that many of us do - as someone who has been recognized to be good at her job, then tasked to train others. The other woman was an elementary educator for some time, moved into corporate events, and has subsequently decided to move into adult learning. During our conversations, we have explored the notion of re-inventing ourselves...out of necessity, out of desire, out of boredom. One of my mentees shuddered and said how she was tired of the whole re-invention thing.

Maybe I am just an inveterate tinkerer (possible) or just plain weird (also quite possible), but I LOVE the times in my life where I have been re-imagining my personal or professional self. Sure, it can be scary. No one is denying that. And sometimes it just plain stinks when re-invention is thrust upon you, rather than choosing it. But when I have been able to choose it (and to a certain extent, also when it has been thrust upon me), I find myself humming a happy little tune. What a luxury to think differently about your path or trajectory. What a fantastic opportunity to re-frame your view and boldly move towards it. You get to re-frame the conversation you have with you, about you, in your head. Amazing!

I have professionally re-made myself at least four times now - and am open to more. Mary 5.0? Maybe it's more of a 4.1 or 4.2 because in 2020, I am looking to add to my skillsets, rather than re-jigger the whole thing. And personally? ...maybe I will pick up those ballet shoes again.

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